I'm planning some travels for the summer and as often happens during this process, I found myself sifting through travel photos that went unshared from the past several months. I don't know why, but this one stopped me for a moment. It's just a snapshot that I took in March out the window of a train in the Southern Carpathian mountains (best guess, it's somewhere near Busteni, Romania) but it triggered something. Perhaps it's because I'm going to be spending some time in Colorado over the summer and I started thinking about the mountains and how much I crave them while living in Madrid. Perhaps it's because even a world away from the Rocky Mountains I can still feel the connection, being up in the clouds, carving the rails of the undulating mountain train tracks, trying to stick my head out the window to get a better breath of the sharp, icy air. It's always surprising, fulfilling, and inspiring to find the similarities and connections that stir you to the core – not just with places, but with people, sounds, smells, tastes, things – in the corners of the world where you don't expect familiarity. But then it comes, as a gut feeling, and instantly you feel at home.