It's been a place that's worn itself deeper under my skin each time I visit. Paris. It's a city that shouts and whispers at you at the same time. It has this energy that isn't more, but just different than any other place I've been. It's always been a place I feel comfortable being a wanderer, a ponderer, my typically unsettled self. And I've always gotten the feeling that the people who have come here to stay understand this, encourage this, and oftentimes are doing the same. It always feels like good company.

Which is why I'm always looking for opportunities to go back. And when discussions began last year with Rachel about her first ever trip outside the United States, I knew Paris would be a great place to start. So I invited myself along for her trip and pretty soon flights were booked and ten days in March of 2017 were put aside, marked in the calendar, a chapter in Rachel's story and mine. We Airbnb'd a small attic apartment by the Canal St. Martin (right by Parmentier metro) for our stay, and its 80 square feet (and tiny elevator) were absolutely perfect (thanks, Marie!). Within reach are some of my favorite cafes and bakeries, and during our stay we found quite a few more gems to add to my growing list. 

After much scribbling on napkins, we eventually decided on Prague as our one departure from the city, and in hindsight I'm really happy about that. Prague is many things that are good for young travelers: cheap, friendly, lots of beer, absolutely gorgeous. We stayed at a hostel I've stayed at before and I was pleasantly surprised to find several familiar faces there. And just for reference, we paid the equivalent of $13/night for accommodations, which included a modest breakfast (and the use of some leftover spray paint to make our mark on the Lennon wall). Half liters of beer cost just over a dollar pretty much everywhere in Prague, and food is hearty and just as affordable as the alcohol.

I could write for a very long time about how incredible the meals were that we had, how I still always feel guilty about being able to trade €1.10 for the best baguette in the world, how wet cobblestones under my boots somehow always makes me smile, how completely timeless it feels to stand on the Charles Bridge in Prague at night and wonder at your surroundings, how truly humbling it is to stand in the Louvre and admire what hands can do to a block of marble, and how special it is to actually be able to share all these moments with someone else. But I won't ramble. Because there are photos to share, all from film and an old Nikon F2 with a 35mm lens.