Some of the best friendships tend to have circuitous journeys. Such is the case with my relationship with Georg. For those that may not know the story, Craigslist brought us together a few years back when we both ended up in Boulder and randomly found the listing for the same apartment (He moved from Germany to write his thesis in aerospace engineering at CU. I moved from Texas because, why not?). After discussing the idea of us getting married to exchange German and American citizenships, he found Lenee. Pretty much immediately these discussions stopped and – seeing the way he looked at her – I knew I'd have to fend for myself to find european citizenship.

Long story short, they kept dating after Georg finished his thesis and moved back to Germany and I knew it was only a matter of time before it became official. Luckily I was in the process of relocating to Spain and got to visit Georg a couple times in Germany before he told me they were engaged and he would soon head back overseas to live with Lenee in Virginia. While sitting outside in Stuttgart last December, beer in hand, he told me the wedding date and last week I reconnected in Colorado with him and Lenee, as well as family and friends to celebrate the occasion.

I left the camera out of reach so as to just enjoy the weekend, but inevitably, eventually a few photos were made.