Berlin through a $10 camera

I decided to pack light for a trip to Germany last weekend and leave the heavy digital camera at home in favor of a trusty little Nikon film camera that I picked up at a pawn shop a few years back. I paid $10 for it and it weighs about as much as a couple decks of cards. After buying a few rolls of cheap film, I set off to explore a city I've been wanting to get to for years along with an old friend, Freddie. So here's a few snapshots from the journey.

A convoluted, though cheap flight plan (Madrid>Zurich>Berlin(via train)>Hamburg>Frankfurt>Madrid) allowed me a day to walk the streets of Hamburg and get a feel for a city that I've never really considered before. It's edgy and small, but packed with gardens and waterways and a beautiful lakeside city center. These last few snapshots are from the old industrial district in Hamburg.