Nuevo Año, Nuevo Tú

One of my first memories of living in Spain was seeing an elderly woman speaking to her dog on the street in Spanish and my actually thinking, "It doesn't understand Spanish, it's a dog."

And thus began a series of [sometimes embarrassing, always awakening] moments, interactions, and friendships that changed my perspective on my surroundings and better prepared me to approach whatever comes next.

So, as you begin your new year, if you're looking for a change (whether you're thinking about a new job, getting out of a relationship, finding yourself, or just somewhat dissatisfied with how things are going), perhaps taking some time in a drastically different environment could be as productive for you as it has been for me. So I'd encourage you to try that unplanned road trip or find that $50 round-trip flight (They're everywhere these days. Thanks Google Flights). And if you're up for a challenge, I promise that moving to a different country is accessible and affordable.

If you find yourself yearning for a change of pace this 2017 and decide you might be interested in something like teaching English in Spain, I'll be happy to help you get started. The website is here and the application process requires almost nothing apart from a little bit of your time and patience. Any questions will be happily answered.

Perhaps something to ponder whilst wandering through some photos from my time in Madrid.