Havana, Cuba

This place. It's a time warp, a bubble, a one-off. The cars, the sounds and smells, the food, the lifestyle. It's all out there, in your face. The homes and shops and cafeterias all open up to the street in a similar way and there's a constant blurred line between what's private and what's public. It feels strange and intimate. Forget phones and internet, connectivity is rare and it's better here without the distraction. I spent three short days watching it go by. If any of you are interested in visiting Cuba, I encourage you to go, and to do so without an agenda. It's a place worth getting lost in, and if you're an American something tells me sooner would be better than later.

There are so many stories and conversations embedded in these photos. Many more than I'm used to on such a short trip. This city has a way of sticking in your mind and lingering. Havana is decaying, but it's held up by the tough resourcefulness of its people. It feels romantic here, but in the way of an old love, one without glamour. Though perhaps that's where the real beauty comes from.